Friendly Tours

I was walking by a shop window today and saw an interesting sign for a travel agent. It was ‘Friendly Tours’, which worried me the second I saw it. If it’s stating the absolute obvious, there’s something wrong. Seriously wrong. I can only imagine that it’s main guide is Cuban one-eyed ex (you think) drug runner, who smiles about once a day, normally when a customer does something stupid and sells a good half of the tour group off to some Japanese fishing company at some point during the trip.

You see, it’s when I see signs and notices that state the obvious that I start to become suspicious about them. For example it’s when hair color companies start making a point of telling us that it is now minus arsenic, or that mozerella cheese sticks are now made with cheese, that one starts to think about what we were using before.

Or maybe I’m missing the point. Same about organics too. I thought all fruit was organic. I mean, it has to be. Right? Are they growing the things in a lab? Is my orange from a tree or not? Does my kiwi fruit share it’s molecular makeup with bubblewrap? I need to know. Tip to food sellers: don’t go telling your customers that you’re now doing something you were supposed to be doing all along. What’s next? ‘Water… now made with hydrogen and oxygen’…?

I’m sure we didn’t always have to worry about this. Wasn’t like Jesus broke bread and said ‘Take, eat: this is my body… now made with real Saviour… and low cholestrol too…’

2 thoughts on “Friendly Tours”

  1. I think in today’s world, ‘organic’ means “now with less cancer-causing agents”. Why ruin your market by having 1/2 pound cherries if they’re killing everyone?


  2. hilarious and informative! i agree, however i do think that it sadly shows the state of the assumed inteligence level of this country. of course look who got voted in A 2ND TIME!!!!


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