Alex Jones Rant

I don’t know who this Alex Jones person is, but he rants for a while in an animated movie called ‘Waking Life’ which I haven’t seen, but here’s a clip. (NSFW – some swearing).

He sums up perfectly how I feel. Let me know what you think of it.

2 thoughts on “Alex Jones Rant”

  1. that’s one of the best things about that movie. thanks for providing the clip. He absolutely nails it. Reminds me of Frank’s rant that I linked to yesterday. (think I’ll go add it to my post).

    Alex is basically an alternative journalist with the personality to start his own conspiracy theory oriented cottage industry. He does vids, has a web site called Prison Planet and does a radio show,I think.


  2. That movie is so amazing; one of my favorite modern philosophers is in it, Robert Solomon. He’s an open existentialist, which isn’t something most modern philosophers admit. But he is very intelligent, and has a vast knowledge of all the existential philosophers.
    I have a bunch of lectures he did on existentialism. Very interesting, I’m currently sorting through them still, but when im done, we can get together and I can burn them all for you.



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