Massacre in Qana, 1996… and then in 2006

Below are videos showing the effects of the Israeli attack on civilians in the U.N. refugee compound in Qana 1996, and then on a civilian house in 2006. The U.S. State Department did not condemn either attack as a massacre or an act of ‘state terrorism’ by the Israeli military.

This videos are very, very graphic, especially the first one, and should only be viewed by those with a strong stomach, is certainly not suitable for viewing at work, and is definitely not suitable for minors. Do not take this warning lightly.

I’m posting this so you can see the effects that a real war has on people, not the fake war broadcast by Fox News who show us bits of rubble while having grinding rock music in the background. This is not a video game, or a Hollywood movie, these are REAL PEOPLE. People around their dinner tables and watching TV are vaguely aware of the actual horrors of war, and although people may think this is footage like this is excessive, it is important to remind ourselves that it is one thing to support a war, and it is another thing to see the effects of that war. I am tired of the crass commentary that people around me make about the war in Iraq, the conflicts in Lebanon and Gaza, as if could understand the true implications of their statements.

Enough talk, I’m sure the videos will speak for themselves.

1996, Qana, Lebanon.


And 2006, Qana, Lebanon.


If you can’t view these videos, here are the links:

2 thoughts on “Massacre in Qana, 1996… and then in 2006”

  1. And people wonder why I don’t support war. Thank you for putting this up, it is sad to see, violence is so unnecessary. I don’t know what else to say besides the fact that I cant believe when I talk to people who support the war, that they admit openly that casualties must happen during these times, they would talk differently if it was in their back yards. They would want it to stop if they had to be afraid to walk down the street everyday, or go to bed, or just live their lives.
    So many people take life for granted, they eat and get fat, they shop and waste their lives and money away. They forget about children who carry guns, who believe that if they believe in god, their bullets will hit their enemies.
    Religion spreads nothing but ignorance and bigotry, and war is proof of that, especially this one.



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