What… the… f&%k? (UPDATED)

I thought this video was going to be a joke, a parody or something.

It’s not.

Watch this:

This scares the crap out of me. These kids are the fucking Hitler youth of today, the SS of tomorrow, screaming the name of Jesus as they happily march around the country killing people in his name. I’m not kidding. Be under no illusions, this is a repeat of the Spanish Inquisition or burning people at the stake. Nothing good ever comes from this fanaticism, ever. If these people take over any more of the minds of America, it’s the end of any kind of freedom.

They manipulate these kids, brainwash them, before a child has even a sense of who they are… and they’re not dumb people (well by an I.Q. rating that is). These despicable people will turn these children into robots.

I’m thinking of starting an atheist group, I really am. You can imagine our chants “We believe in nothing!”, and “Nietzsche was right!” Something has to combat this mind-wiping bullshit.

Did you see how they were wearing camo paint and chanting “this means war”? It’s incredibly disturbing, terrifying. They say things “who would give up your life for Jesus?” and the wording is very important there. Not ‘give up your life to Jesus’, like living in his name, living the morals, no, it’s ‘give up your lives for Jesus.’ As in die in his name. And don’t forget the kid saying “we’re being trained to be Gods army.” I consider it scary enough to see grown adults screaming his name and crying as they receive the ‘feeling’, but to see kids like that, before they even know right from wrong, so impressionable… that’s unbelievable.

I’m interested to know what other people think about this so post your comments. Anyone have any more information as to the extent of this cultish behaviour?

UPDATED: Go to this website for more snippets from the movie.

6 thoughts on “What… the… f&%k? (UPDATED)”

  1. after seeing this all i can say is oh shit. you are right, this is how the fanatically destructive groups of the world start and maintain themselves, warping the minds of their children to believe that any way of thinking that is not like theres is wrong for just that reason. i may not be an atheist but i’ll join the group.


  2. I’ve seen things like this first hand, although never participating in any of the ferver and frenzy these kids get thrown into in the name of christ; I have seen it, and believed things like this when i was young.

    It takes years to undo it, i mean 5, 6, 7, years, not just 2 and then your off your merry way to live a normal life. it takes a long time to fix the brain washing.

    The one person on the video made a good point, we have that many christians, all of which vote for key things, from key people. Its no wonder Bush got elected.

    I would join the atheist group, someone needs to actively combat these people.

    I would say more, but i have to go to school.

    Your right Shem, this whole thing is wrong. these people are almost unstoppable.



  3. In my view, they ARE unstoppable. It’s those ‘ideas’ again. People are the same. Deep down they are the same. What differs is the ideas they carry in their brains.

    Each and every brain is fundamentally insecure. It wants to live, to survive, to continue. Death is anathaema to the brain. It cannot comprehend it. If it attempts to begin the process of compehension it cannot, for to move one inch, just one millimetre away from where it now stands, psychologically, is NOT death. You cannot use thought to comprehend death. Full stop.

    All ideas that ‘project’, prophesise a future, a world beyond this world are simply just one thing: the insecure brain attempting to secure a future for itself.

    We are doomed. Trust me we are.


  4. I agree, same with the big bang theory… I think that it is based on a fundamental problem, that human beings cannot perceive infinity, the universe becomes too big, so we create the beginning and end, life and death, of something like space itself. We try to encapsulate everything that way.


  5. I guess its what Sartre calls nothingness. When we do something which causes a gap in our consciousness, when the mind knows absolutely nothing; it doesn’t matter what the body is doing, the mind finds the expanse of non-thought, pre-reflective status, it causes us to be aware (for those who become conscious of the horror it can sometimes bring) of what death is.

    When we actively contemplate something that goes beyond what we come to value as being, then yes I agree, we come to a stop; we can surpass our concept of being beyond ourselves since no one has ever lived to be conscious beyond the point when their being stops, we have no way of expressing it, and so we have no real way of actively contemplating it. But this doesn’t mean that the concept that can give rise to the hint of what it means, is impossible for us.

    Our brains cannot handle an all-consuming end, just as our brains tend to look for an origin. Our psychology mimics how we live, just as society mimics nature in creation and operation. We have a macrocosm of a city, which mimics the inner workings of how an ecosystem or body works, we naturally come to look and recreate that which is within the limits of our being. We can not go outside of it and look in, if anything does reside beyond our perception the only way to think about it is to do what I just did; say it. There is no understanding of it.

    Is death beyond our understanding? Infinity is, but death isn’t infinity, it is within the infinity that we perceive to be reality. We can know of infinity, we cannot understand it, just as we can know of death, but not fully understand it.

    But death is easier to understand than infinity. If we call death a stop, then it is a stop of being (of knowledge), which means that if it is a stop of being, it is a stop of consciousness, which we can only perceive of, after it happens. To perceive death, or to perceive the emptiness of what death or nothingness was (or is) to our consciousness, we have to have consciousness both before and after the nothingness.

    This I honestly believe happens to us as humans, we can experience the notion of that which is missing to us from our consciousness after the experience of the absence. Only because we have something to compare it with, being.

    This is what I mean when I say that some turn to god after perceiving (or not perceiving) nothing. They turn to god, because although we might be able to get a glimpse of it, this doesn’t mean that we understand it, or more importantly, accept it. The nothing which haunts humanity can turn into an abyss which one falls into, or it can turn into a greater understanding of what already is, the things in life which cause us to have purpose, to feel meaning. It can be what we feel, for at least we feel it, and it can be what we think for at least we can. The nothing can ride alongside us in life and cause us to have gratitude for being alive and having the phenomena of perception.

    In regards to the hyper religiosity, it’s hard for me to say that we are doomed. Because I even can go so far as to look at the “rational” Christians, who still believe that other people can live how they wish, and who also believe that faith is for the home. I still think there are a lot of those Christians out there, who respect people. This doesn’t mean that I don’t think that religion is the worst thing ever created; I just think that there is still hope amongst rational men, no matter what he believes for when he dies.

    Now, will this cause us to war amongst ourselves? Will it cause us to incite a problem with other religions and countries? It already has, it’s just a matter of when it will go too far. But for as long as there are people who believe in the freedom of thought, we atheists have a chance.



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