Over half a million deaths

The Lancet medical Journal, based in the U.K., released a report recently that places the count of deaths in Iraq at 655,000 people (being deaths that wouldn’t have occured under normal conditions). After studying the report and learning more about the research methodology, I for one, believe it to be pretty close to the actual count. But of course I would, wouldn’t I? I am regarded a liberal after all…

… so decide for yourself. The following links are collected from both sides of the spectrum of argument and I estimate amounts to about 25 minutes of viewing in total, but it’s well worth the time.

From CNN, an interview with Mr John Zogby, of Zogby International, a stastics and polling firm.

From the BBC, a report from the ‘News at 6’.

From Fox, another report.

And a BBC Newsnight debate, where they argue both sides.
This one also includes commentary from one of the researchers, and opposing opinion to that.

If the report is out by even a huge amount, it is still horrific, and much worse than has been told to us. If you watched nothing but TV news here you’d be completely justified in believing that the war is going fine, that it’s taking it’s time, but great overall which much development and improvement of peoples lives. The president only ever responds to when the occasional bad report gets out, and only ever goes as far as to say that there are ‘issues’ that need ‘resolving’, or something to that effect. It’s sickening that the real news is kept from the general populace, because as Mr Snow says in the last video I have for you today, if people could see what was really going on, they might not support the conflict going on in their name.

This last video is not suitable for viewing with kids or at work. It is however a rare look at the state of reporting from Iraq, and further unique because it came from a mainstream media source, Channel 4 which is based in England.

If you find more information and notable debates regarding the latest Lancet report on deaths in Iraq, let me know.

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