Chemical Dream

Quote courtesy of Soggy.

“The truth is sooner or later I have to face my demons so I can discover how they can be rendered powerless over my life. This, I believe, is true for all of us whether we are avoiding them by writing or pursuing the American Dream. The problem is we are told, and taught, that there is no reason for us to feel bad, to be depressed. If these things occur in our lives we should take a pill and feel good again. Better living through chemistry is the motto of America. To put it as simply as possible, the American Dream, in all its manifestations, cuts my awareness off from the Divine Nature of my life, and all Life. I must find a way through the madness of my demons, and the American Dream to uncover that Divinity within me, and I certainly can not do that while pursuing the Dream or using the chemicals it prescribes.”

-Hubert Selby Jr.

11 thoughts on “Chemical Dream

  1. Funny name to call it in’it, American DREAM?

    Perhaps not so funny. Perhaps a meaning in fact direct and to the point. I wonder if the author’s knew what they were saying when they came up with the term.

    So dream on America and rest assured, safe and sound in the knowledge, that the rest of us are slowly dropping-off as well.


  2. From Wiki…
    “Because of the detailed depictions of homosexuality, drug addiction, gang rape, and other human brutality and cruelty in the novel, it was prosecuted for obscenity in Great Britain in 1967. Anthony Burgess was among a number of writers who appeared as witnesses in defence of the novel. “

    Anthony Burgess is an Alumni of ours. He attended St Katherines college. He was a linguist and author of ‘A Clockwork Orange’


  3. Wow! I didn’t know that one was dated. We used to use the term ‘catching some zee’s’ to mean getting some shut eye, studying the back of your eyelids, getting some sleep.

    Sorry I thought you’d know that one.



  4. Wow! I didn’t know that one was dated. We used to use the term ‘catching some zee’s’ to mean getting some shut eye, studying the back of your eyelids, getting some sleep.

    Sorry I thought you’d know that one.



  5. personally i feel that sometimes medication is needed to find the divinty of life. i have A.D.D, and for those of you who say it is made up… well don’t sleep for about 3 days then try and acomplish something, that’s about what it’s like to live with it un checked. i have tried many non chemical ways to overcome it however they all have failed. i recently found a medication that allows me to complete the tasks i start, remember what i say i’m going to do, and still maintain a sense of self only about .5% different than the sense i have without the meds. i wouldn’t be able to succeed in my life without them and anyone who says that medication is hindering people, well they obviously don’t know what it’s like to live with something that actually does hinder their life and need something to help that they cannot find anywhere else. better prescription drugs than unregulated street drugs. those who need drugs will find one that works, hopefully it’s legal and not of unknown origin.


  6. Paul,

    I think it seems like you have a genuine requirement for medication to help with A.D.D. My fear is that it is over-diagnosed in children displaying, well, childlike symptoms. I don’t think it’s made up, but medications seems to be a crutch for a lot of people simply trying deal with basic problems in life. Those of us who don’t have that crutch find life is infinitely more interesting, albeit painful, than the numbed down sensations given by use of the drug Prozac, as a typical example.

    Like I said, that’s not to say that medication for a problem such as the one you described isn’t necessary, even essential. There is definitely a difference there.


  7. i agree, i think normal childhood behavior is now being taken as “A.D.H.D”. what kid, at some point, hasn’t been hyperactive or easily distractable. diagnosis in the early teens would be better. grade school is a place you learn the basics, with or without A.D.D it can be done. in middle school (6th grade through 8th) is when you are adding to those basics you learned in grade school. it’s at this time being easily distractable or hyperactive or any of the other effects A.D.D has on a person is dangerous. not dangerous, risky would be a better word. with counseling on methods of “using” the A.D.D effectivly along with medication a person could, perhaps, one day live without the medication.


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