Little forts
and we sprint from place to place

with no concern for the in between

always moving to the comfort
never facing the pain

As human as can be allowed
as false as can be tolerated
I sink every time I feel their eyes

we’ll all die if we’re not careful, unless we

Look up

Don’t slam the door
Enjoy the silence after the car engine turns off
Find a dark spot in the park

look up

in the leaves it says
sight is weak, perception is strong

the questions are outside
and the answers are within





3 thoughts on “Look…”

  1. That’s very kind, thank you.

    The leaves reference is from the ‘Hagakure’ or ‘falling leaves’, more commonly known as the book of the samurai, written about seven hundred years ago I think. Very good book.


  2. Very good.

    I especially enjoy the part about not slamming the door, and enjoying the silence after the car turns off. It does have an oriental feel to it.



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