A Good Idea

I thought I’d use my first posting in this Blog to talk a little about a good idea that a few of us here in England are underway with making a reality.

Philosophy In Pubs. I’ve been a member now for about 4 years. it all started when someone passed a tiny newspaper cutting to me in some meeting, about something or other, at some time in the past or earlier. It mentioned a group of people who had gotten together to talk ‘man in the street’ philosophy in what we here in Britain call the ‘Pub’ (short for ‘Public House’). I’m sure you all over there know what I mean; think there may even be a few of these establishments springing up in the U.S. these days, perhaps under a different name (I’ll stop there in case I start to upset ‘you all’ :o))

Anyway the idea is that we get together, in the pub, and talk about stuff, stuff that we’ve been thinking about from time to time, the news, the latest technological innovation etc etc but always from a philosophical perspective. Each week someone brings along their own pet subject for discussion, passes us all a paper or a few scribblings or whatever and gives us their view on the matter to start us off.

There are upwards of 10 groups now sprung up all over the local area (Merseyside) and the idea is growing along with the size of some of the groups. We have people coming and going and of course the essential hard-core membership to keep the whole thing stable. It works well, very well.

Take a look behind the link in the title if you want to know more.

Perhaps it could catch on in the States too!?

1 thought on “A Good Idea”

  1. We already have. Our first meeting, a grand total of three people came (including myself) and I think it went quite well. I like the PIPs model, which is what I’m basing it on.

    Funny though, I think on deep things all the time, now I can’t think of anything to bring to the table.


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