Your Choice

It’s up to you. It’s Your Life, Your Choice! ™

(Your Life is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp/Sony/GE/Time Warner©2007. You may not have Your Life (AKA: A Life, Any Life, Some Life or Life) without prior and express written permission from these and other affiliated corporations. Any attempts at Individual Thought or Creativity will be deemed the property of said corporations and/or the U.S. Government, UK Government (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Government); Any Opinions, Perceptions, Ideas, Hopes, Dreams and/or other Existential Longings are not to be considered the views of either Fox Broadcasting or any of its sister companies. Any attempt(s) to deviate from the guidelines and stipulations laid down by said Corporations in the conduct of Your Life will be considered a breach of said contract (see article 17A# and have the litigational effect, that is render Your Life inadmissible in General Society and/or any other Social Situations incorporated into this or any other contract. This does not effect your statutory rights. If you have any.)

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