Ready for Rapture

via Max Blumenthal.

These people walk the streets. They buy groceries where you do. They lobby. They change foreign policy. They practice their belief in public. They decide what you do with your life.

But that’s fine. They can do whatever they want. Free country right?

I don’t agree with the lifestyle, but hey, what are you going to to do? All I ask is that they don’t do this sort of thing in public. I don’t have to see it. I want them to keep it behind closed doors, where it won’t challenge me or anyone else. I don’t want to be infected by their abhorrent life choices.

1 thought on “Ready for Rapture”

  1. And people wonder why I am so prejudice against these people. Like Dawkins talks about, these Christians are extreme only by small degrees.

    If you sit a vast majority of them down they all come to the same sort of conclusions. Whats really interesting here is that, coming from a Jehovah’s Witness background, what those organizations called extreme of the Witnesses, are now adopting as standard dogma.

    Its getting more and more unreasonable as time passes. Yet they will all say about one another that, “well, were different…” and then list all sorts of reasons why they are better.

    Bottom line; If you are a Christian you must beleive that Jesus is your savior, and that according to the bible he will bring an Armageddon that will kill some people, and save others. You must believe that men were created first and the woman from the man, in subjection to the man, you also must believe that homosexuality is a sin and is punishable as god sees fit.

    The list goes on, but without fail, there really cant be any middle ground with any Christian on many fundamental issues.

    This is so dangerous to have in this country, or any other. Its building much like that of the Muslim extremists. Its good that people are documenting it.



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