Making it Real…

Oh how we know that old cliche, “we enter the world alone, and alone we must leave it”. … What wonderful words these are, devoid of meaning as we say them and as we think them, comforting, distracting, empty.

I for one am no closer now than I have ever been to fully understanding that statement. No closer to digesting its actuality, a meaning that were it understood, would at once becomes as much a part of me as my own teeth, my own fingers, why, I don’t even think I entirely believe that my fingers are my own!

For the meaning of life is truly the meaning of death; The two are one, and we spend our lives, every waking minute of them, trying our utmost to separate the two. In short, to understand life is to understand death, it’s that simple.


1 thought on “Making it Real…”

  1. I had to read this twice to understand it, but now I get it.

    I think we separate them because death is the last unknown.


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