From sleep to sleep

Those of you who read this regularly know that I put a place aside to the left for videos. This is an exception. May I present to you ‘Giant Girl Doll’. Turn up your speakers and let go.

Something about her movements, her elegance, reminds me of something pure and wonderful in humanity. That if we as a race produce nothing else in our struggles, let us show this as the best testament to mankind.

The reason it touches me is that it’s almost like she knows that she is not alive, at least not without those men who move around her. She knows that her life is temporary. Like her, we all move from sleep… to sleep. In between, if a little happiness is brought to those around us, it has not been a wasted life. The doll depicts what is both best and worst in us. It’s why the doll both repulses and attracts us.

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