The anchored mind

We carry on like machines with our tiresome daily routine. How eagerly the mind accepts a pattern of existence, and how tenaciously it clings to it! As by a driven nail, the mind is held together by idea, and around the idea it lives and has its being. The mind is never free, pliable, for it is always anchored; it moves within the radius, narrow or wide, of its own center. From its center it dare not wander; and when it does, it is lost in fear. Fear is not of the unknown, but of the loss of the known. The unknown does not incite fear, but dependence on the known does. Fear is always with desire, the desire for the more or for the less. The mind, with its incessant weaving of patterns, is the maker of time; and with time there is fear, hope and death.

The mind is being influenced all the time to think along a certain line. It used to be that only the organized religions were after your mind, but now governments have largely taken over that job. They want to shape and control your mind. On the surface the mind can resist their control. Superficially, you have some say in the matter, but below the surface, in the deep unconscious, there is the whole weight of time, of tradition, urging you in a particular direction. The conscious mind may to some extent control and guide itself, but in the unconscious, your ambitions, your unsolved problems, your compulsions, superstitions, fears, are waiting, throbbing, urging. This whole field of the mind is the result of time; it is the result of conflicts and adjustments, of a whole series of acceptances, without full comprehension. Therefore, we live in a state of contradiction; our life is a process of endless struggle. We are unhappy, and we want to be happy. Being violent, we practice the ideal of nonviolence. So, there is a conflict going on – the mind is a battlefield. We want to be secure, knowing inwardly, deeply, that there is no such thing as security at all. The truth is that we do not want to face the fact that there is no security; therefore, we are always pursuing security, with the resultant fear of not being secure.

-Jiddhu Krishnamurti

1 thought on “The anchored mind”

  1. As an explanation of our current state this is as clear as light itself. And, to see this to be as it is is an extremely uncomfortable fact to sit with, to hold in one’s mind and not to try and run away from.

    The whole world of thought is running away, escaping in one way or another, in one thing or another. And we are that world; Each one of us a microcosm of the whole, a part that contains the whole, a drop of water in that ocean.

    But on seeing this, what are we to do?

    The answer? Absolutely nothing!


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