I’m tired of hearing about ‘Russian Aggression’ and ‘U.S. Peace Keeping’.

Lets set the record straight: we are in Georgia for the pipeline. That’s all. We don’t give a half-baked turd for the Georgian people. It was Georgian aggression against the South Ossetians that caused the problems in the first place. Invading a predominantly Russian populace isn’t going to go unnoticed by the Bear. And if it wasn’t for the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, we wouldn’t even be bothered.

What difference does this pipeline make? Simply put, it provides western markets with oil from the Black Sea through to western markets, without relying on Russia. That’s a big deal. What’s our options? Well just below Azerbaijan which is just to the right of Georgia, we have Iran. I don’t think they’ll be letting us pipe oil through sans tariffs any time soon.

So don’t swallow the official word on the networks. It’s oil people. Always has been.

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