Anti-terrorism branding

Quick note: I find it interesting that people in other countries use the term ‘9-11’ as a means to describe the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings on September 11th 2001, even when their date/month/year format would confuse matters.

In England, ‘9-11’ would mean ‘9th November’, a different date entirely. Having said that, the British Authorities did the same thing, labeling the day the bomb that ripped open a double-decker as ‘7/7’, a sickeningly obvious attempt to create the kind of media hype that such branding had achieved across the Atlantic.

‘7-7’ as a date is dubiously fortuitous for those that use such terrorist attacks as means to an imperialistic end. ‘7th of July’ or ‘July 7th’, works both ways, and at least it didn’t confuse the American media. We wouldn’t want that.

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