A thought: It’s common knowledge that a muscular pair of buttocks on a man are enjoyed by many a person  (Pair of buttocks? Can you have one buttock? One firm, one not? Would that be okay? I suppose it’s always a pair of pants, and you can’t just have one pant. And only having one buttock would raise questions pertaining to many gastro-intestinal requirements which don’t bear thinking about).

The gluteus minimus and gluteus maximus muscles which form the bottom evolved in relation to walking and running. Sometimes running away from things. It’s not like you run at a wooly mammoth (to call upon a historical example); you wait for one and ambush it with fifty of your friends. Running is good for survival.

So essentially, in appreciating your well-toned derriere, people are (in a reductionist way) appreciating you for your ability to scamper away at speed from threats. Cowardice.

Evolutionary imperatives are confusing and disgraceful.

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