Three indications of a dying culture

…is not the same as ascertaining a dire social or personal situation, and moving to extricate oneself from it by ones own volition and motivation; it is a demand for unequal favors, for unique assistance and special treatment. Nothing is gained from treating cultures and societies as victims. Not only does it breed resentment later on, it prevents real change, forgiving the abuses and transgressions of the members under the umbrella of victim-hood, as well as encouraging the further domination of one culture or entity over another.

…is an unnecessary sentiment and response to inequality. Empowerment is an action performed to the detriment of someone else. To recognize a deficit in social rights or freedoms and then to correct it with proper action, is an act of humanity, of equalization. To empower is to seek to rise above and seek recompense at the expense of others.

… is cherry-picking elements of ones culture and discarding the less savory aspects. No civilization is blameless or without sin, all have commitment atrocities. Celebration usually involves focusing on food and music, and recognizing the significance of ‘traditional’ customs and habits, usually by ignoring the roots of such rituals and ceremonies. To celebrate is to invite only extremely specific analysis. Only a frank and candid recognition of all the manifestations of a culture can make it stronger, because, to borrow a phrase, to ignore the past is to be condemned to repeat it.

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