The Anatomy of Happiness – The Plan After The Plan

It’s a grand title for a grand notion because – at least so we’re told – happiness is the most important thing in Your Life ®

So how does it work? My revolutionary idea is The Plan After The Plan Doctrine (P.A.T.P.D.)!

To summarize: –

Make a Plan to do something fun, and make another Plan to occur soon after.

It works for the following reasons:

  • Pressure is removed from the First Plan to succeed as an enjoyable time. If the First Plan fails for any reason, the second one will be right there.
  • The First Plan is far more likely to succeed, as without the added pressure of having to make it work, you can actually enjoy the First Plan.
  • The Second Plan, apart from being a viable Plan backup, will likely be buoyed by the success of the First Plan and be even more Fun©!
  • Making Plans is Fun©, and can be shared with family and friends. It’s sugar-free and although assembly can be complicated, it’s something you and your friends can enjoy together (provided of course you can organize something together without murdering each other. Strong leadership is required for this. For more details, see ‘The Hitler Wilderness Trip Organizer Doctrine – Why Acting Like An Insane Psychotic Murderer Can Make For A Better Camping Trip’).

The rules are as follows:

  • There is a five point scale depending on the size of the plan, ranging from a 1; scratching your privates, to 5; planning a trip to China.
  • Plans can of course be enjoyed next to one another with no minimum time separation. However in order to enjoy the aggregate quality of Multiple Plan Occurrence Benefits (M.P.O.B.) , maximum time separation between Plans is limited: Each point equals 12 hours. Multiply the point value of the Plan by 12 hours and you will have the maximum Plan Occurrence Separation (P.O.S.) before the separate plans actually start to look like separate plans and no longer augment one another or work as a team.

Case Study: Reginald has decided to clean his oven, something he really enjoys. Unfortunately for Reginald, this hasn’t always been as enjoyable as he would have liked, for example it turns out that leaning really far inside to commit suicide clean the rear of the oven whilst the gas is on but not ignited, hasn’t always been fun! How will Reginald resolve this? Simple! By planning the additional activity of throwing a noose over the bathroom door and swinging gaily from it, Reginald has provided himself insurance against the First Plan failing not being as fun as he’d hoped, because he has the second Plan as backup!

See? Simple! Follow these easy rules and you too can achieve true happiness! You don’t have to be the Dalai Lama to spout this crap!

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