1420 MHz, corresponds to the wavelength of radiation produced by a quantum mechanical “spin-flip transition” in neutral hydrogen atoms. Because hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe and because 1420 MHz is a relatively quiet frequency free from sources of natural radio interference, many SETI experts think that 1420 MHz is a good place to tune in interstellar broadcasts. Would aliens reason the same way? There’s no way to know, but the search has to start somewhere.

from http://science.nasa.gov

Hello, my name is Daniel and this is my blog.

A little history: Fourteen Twenty was originally an expansion of The Black Book, a systematic enumerated journal of philosophical, social, and psychological perspectives and an attempt to organize them and articulate my thought processes into something tangible. Sounds very serious and official, doesn’t it?

Fourteen Twenty has since grown into something a lot more chatty, and covers the occasional rant, issues and articles in politics, religion, philosophy, or just general musings. There’s no central theme beside perhaps a demonstration on how poorly I used to write, and arguably, still do. As much as I want to delete those early posts, I won’t do it, I tells ya.

I appreciate and encourage both positive or negative comments on my articles, so don’t be shy and tell me what you think. I only ask that you leave some sort of name, even if you sign on as anonymous, so return comments can be directed to the right person. It’s better than me expecting everyone to have a Google login (Occasionally, the comments box becomes a forum for heated debates, and although generally speaking I don’t moderate them, racist, sexist, bigoted and overly vulgar comments will be removed as a rule).

If you have any suggestions on the sites structure, content or you just want say hello, e-mail me at fourteentwenty(AT)gmail.com.

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