1420 MHz, corresponds to the wavelength of radiation produced by a quantum mechanical “spin-flip transition” in neutral hydrogen atoms. Because hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe and because 1420 MHz is a relatively quiet frequency free from sources of natural radio interference, many SETI experts think that 1420 MHz is a good place to tune in interstellar broadcasts. Would aliens reason the same way? There’s no way to know, but the search has to start somewhere.

from http://science.nasa.gov

Hello. This is my blog.

A little history: Fourteen Twenty was originally an expansion of The Black Book, a systematically enumerated journal of philosophical, social, and psychological postures, and my attempt to organize articulate my thought processes into something ordered and tangible. This idea failed, and became 1420.

Fourteen Twenty has since grown into something with a lot less organization and formality and contains occasional self-important rants, social issues, personal issues, with posts on politics, religion, philosophy, or just general musings. There’s no central theme, beside perhaps a demonstration on how poorly I used to write, and arguably, still do. As much as I want to delete those early posts, I won’t. I won’t do it, I tells ya.

Why do I spew words into the digital ether? I can’t tell you to be honest. Part of it perhaps is so I can look back at how I was thinking at some point. Perhaps I want to feel like I have a legacy of some form. Perhaps on my more confident days, I think I have something to say to the world. There’s no single grand reason. Sorry to disappoint.

I hope you like my little corner of the web. If you have questions, or feedback, there’s a contact form around here somewhere. I like when people say hi, even if it’s just to tell me what they had for dinner.