Twelve Angry Men

A scene from the excellent film adaptation of 'Twelve Angry Men' from the theater piece by Reginald Rose, my favorite play.

The true cost of ‘freedom’

From the New Yorker via The Beast The entire decade-long domestic death toll from terrorism (that is, where a political or ideological motive was apparent) was thirty. By comparison, the rate of annual deaths from mass shootings by non-ideological deranged killers—such as the gunman who attacked moviegoers in Aurora, Colorado, last month—runs more than thirty… Continue reading The true cost of ‘freedom’


From Femdefence An idea for a rape-protection device The project Femdefence is an attempt to contribute to the debate on men’s sexual violence against women in society, using the aesthetics of design, and the semiotics of marketing. Femdefence is an on-going project first presented in 2003. The project includes the creation of an imaginary product,… Continue reading FemDefence