That moment when I explore the origins of a pretty word and find it has a strong connection another of my favorite words of all time. So, Immolate (v.) "to sacrifice" with the alternate meaning "to sprinkle with sacrificial meal". From in- "into, in, on, upon" + mola "sacrificial meal" which originates from one of my all-time word-loves mele- to… Continue reading Immolate

Some words you might knee-d.

Two lovely words I have recently found (they were under the couch!) Exculpatory: from ex (from, out of) and culpa (sin) - a form to explain that someone is not guilty. Pronounced (I think) ehks-CULP-a-toree.\ and menisci, plural of meniscus from the Greek for "crescent"). Also happens to be a part of your knee.

The Etymology of Guns

From the Contra Costra Times, an enlightening piece on the violence laden and gun ridden language we use every day. and how that might alter our opinion of them: We often value the "straight shooter," yet are wary of those who "shoot their mouths off," those who "shoot from the hip" or glibly end an… Continue reading The Etymology of Guns