The Lack of Planes

It’s a beautiful day despite the wind robbing me of any heat, so I’m still wearing a hat. The sun is nice though. It’s day #(idontremember) of the Shelter In Place order mandated by city officials, but I am still determined to enjoy the fresh air as much as possible. I spend a lot of… Continue reading The Lack of Planes


I finally understand the basis for the myth that if you take someones picture, you own their soul. As soon as I experience some wonderful moment (this morning: drifting ethereal piano while I slowly, achingly, become aware of warm early morning light on the stone outside the window while rising vented steam rises from a… Continue reading Capture

What Makes You Itch

I think is a re-post, but who cares. I wanted to hear it again.


I'm sure that I am raising a subject that has been practically trampled flat by the intellectual tread of masses of scholars far more erudite than myself, but it's something that echoes in my mind, and an element of human nature I share an uneasy relationship with; Why is that I so quickly reach out… Continue reading Apart