A Reflection

Beautiful short film, via The Dish. A Reflection from Variable on Vimeo.

out on my own

I love to go swimming in large bodies of water. I can keep nothing from myself when I do. It's beautiful in the daytime. At night, it's even more interesting. I step into the water. It's cold. I paddle out into the cloying dark. Steep waves pummel me as I try to move into the… Continue reading out on my own

Random thoughts

I am enjoying the opportunity to write a script for a short film. Thankfully I have a very understanding director; it's been some weeks now and I have yet to break the ten page mark. It's not a matter of motivation. It's squeezing the usually voluminous nature of my prose into a tiny crude box.… Continue reading Random thoughts

The Loop of Understanding

Because the brain actively and continuously re-engineers itself, merely thinking about something changes the brain itself. So if we know how that works, the very knowledge of how the brain functions then changes the way the brain functions. It's a tight loop, but it also has effects on a social level too. Like the important… Continue reading The Loop of Understanding


When there are billions and billions of people in this world, it’s just impossible to feel special and unique. It matters to feel unique because each person is innately locked into ego-centrism, that is, seeing the world only as if the observer where at the very center of it. How can we look at it… Continue reading Special