The true cost of ‘freedom’

From the New Yorker via The Beast The entire decade-long domestic death toll from terrorism (that is, where a political or ideological motive was apparent) was thirty. By comparison, the rate of annual deaths from mass shootings by non-ideological deranged killers—such as the gunman who attacked moviegoers in Aurora, Colorado, last month—runs more than thirty… Continue reading The true cost of ‘freedom’

Unbalanced Response

A fatal shooting took place today not far from where I work, where police shot and killed what they're calling 'an aggressive panhandler' who threatened a passerby with a large knife. An officer was accidentally shot in the chest but his body armor absorbed the shot and he was not seriously injured. Police turnout in… Continue reading Unbalanced Response

I want to vote…

... but they won't let me. I actually do want to cast my ballot. I know the whole thing is full of holes (e.g. the huge contributions that Diebold made to the Republicans) but I still want to, just to get rid of the open checkbook that is Congress and at least try to roll… Continue reading I want to vote…

Over half a million deaths

The Lancet medical Journal, based in the U.K., released a report recently that places the count of deaths in Iraq at 655,000 people (being deaths that wouldn't have occured under normal conditions). After studying the report and learning more about the research methodology, I for one, believe it to be pretty close to the actual… Continue reading Over half a million deaths

Fear Factor – No longer a game

I don’t classify myself as a lawyer, nor claim to understand the complexities of the legal system. It is beyond me in most cases. A few words however pop out at me that even I understand. Habeas Corpus. Geneva Convention, Legal Representation and the more sinister words, Detainment, Torture, Enemy. Those last words in particular… Continue reading Fear Factor – No longer a game