Ideas and Evolution

Steven Johnson's brief lecture about where good ideas come from indicates that it is less the process of deep contemplative thought and moreso social connectivity that triggers innovation. It seems apparent that intellectual development relies on the collision of existing, likely dormant ideas and opinions that join to create new forms and concepts. The process… Continue reading Ideas and Evolution

Random thoughts

I am enjoying the opportunity to write a script for a short film. Thankfully I have a very understanding director; it's been some weeks now and I have yet to break the ten page mark. It's not a matter of motivation. It's squeezing the usually voluminous nature of my prose into a tiny crude box.… Continue reading Random thoughts

Apple Pie

If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. -Carl Sagan

Force of Will

One cannot simply become disciplined, or calm, or happy. All of these things, if as true states of mind, are not forced, but encouraged, and reflected upon at a later time. Such forms of mind are brought about by precise and tiny augmentations of our own natures and character, through habit and training. One does… Continue reading Force of Will