Judge Napolitano on… wait… Fox Business?

Judge Napolitano posits some questions. Needless to say, he's no longer with the network, dropped in 2010 for unspecified reasons. He has the cant of Adam Curtis and unflinchingly demolishes the sociopolitical machine. Fascinating viewing. The original video clip is titled 'How to get fired in five minutes,' and I think I can see why.

Fear Factor – No longer a game

I don’t classify myself as a lawyer, nor claim to understand the complexities of the legal system. It is beyond me in most cases. A few words however pop out at me that even I understand. Habeas Corpus. Geneva Convention, Legal Representation and the more sinister words, Detainment, Torture, Enemy. Those last words in particular… Continue reading Fear Factor – No longer a game

So America is blameless?

(article NSFW or kids)There IS a direct link between the U.S. and the war in Lebanon (not a 'crisis' or a 'conflict' or even a damn 'police action', it's a war). Several sources I've found mention how the U.S. is and continues to supply weapons to the IDF. My points:1) How can Iran be accused… Continue reading So America is blameless?

Doesn’t this worry anyone?

I found this link today on BBC News Online... I wasn't surprised at first, then I suddenly hit myself and realised "hey, we're not in a movie here!" You've got people being knocked off for being witnesses to a huge fraud case and I think that's a big deal.Look-see yourself: Enron Witness Found Dead