Toxic v. Toxic

Unpopular opinion: there's no such thing as a toxic person. There is only toxic behavior. Let me be clear from the beginning, everyone has the right to move away from those that have wronged or hurt them. Nobody should be expected to tolerate that which is abusive, cruel or inhuman treatment. With that now stated:… Continue reading Toxic v. Toxic

Perspective vs Emotion

This is fundamental and has been said by many other far more erudite writers and philosophers, but worth repeating all the same. It's good to reassess basics once in a while. I've always felt that when we have emotions, especially strong ones, it narrows focus to a single point and totally occupies our senses, like… Continue reading Perspective vs Emotion

Transitional Species

"Homo Sapiens has always strived to replace itself. A transitional species, really." -The Tomorrow Girl by¬†Aaron Diaz The desire for legacy is a fundamental principle of the human experience, and often overrides personal survival instincts, such as when rescuing family members at the loss of ones own existence. Children are, even in our advanced brains,… Continue reading Transitional Species


There's a room in my head and I'm trapped inside it. It's dark, and there is a hurricane inside with me. I stand in the center. I'm caught in the middle of a whirling flurry of millions of tiny bits of paper. Each one of these fragments has words written on it. Answers. Some piece… Continue reading Panic

Thoughts on home

The word 'home' can be defined for someone in as many ways as there reasons that people have sex. It means different things to different people at different times. Home is a universal human commodity, and one possessing such common foundation for people that we pay extra attention to classify those who don't have a… Continue reading Thoughts on home