Explorations in Breath, Pt. 3

I took a break from the single-breath timing exercises for a while after hitting a new personal record of 3 minutes 41 seconds, lying down, and with no movement. I picked it up again after a couple of weeks and the change was dramatic. First time I barely went more than two minutes. Only after… Continue reading Explorations in Breath, Pt. 3

Explorations in Breath, Pt. 2

I have been practicing the breathing exercises, primarily breathing into the three separate lung compartments - lower lungs or stomach, sternum, and below the clavicle. On the bus and train I've been pushing air slowly into my lower chest in order to strengthen the muscles there, as well as expanding the sternum. The tricky part… Continue reading Explorations in Breath, Pt. 2

Explorations in Breath, Pt. 1

This isn't a regular blog post - it's been a while since I've even published on here in any form - it's more of a journal for progress. I've been interested for a while in expanding the capacity of my human frame by tapping into our evolutionary legacy. Nothing caught my imagination more lately than… Continue reading Explorations in Breath, Pt. 1

Walking away.

The knowledge that they're gone. And it's your fault. The understanding that they're not just gone from you, but happy to leave. To know that your time spent together eventually became the symbol of a¬†springboard, you; the starting blocks of a headlong sprint. Away. As fast as possible. To know your shared memories will be… Continue reading Walking away.

Woolf, on writing

¬† "... there is the dictionary; there at our disposal are some half-a-million words all in alphabetical order. But can we use them? No, because words do not live in dictionaries, they live in the mind. Look once more at the dictionary. There beyond a doubt lie plays more splendid than Antony and Cleopatra; poems… Continue reading Woolf, on writing