Sometimes you don't realize how¬†many feelings you lock away inside until the right stimuli (a song, a few words, a movie scene) comes along and teases them out of you, and sometimes the dam breaks. Sometimes you live with the pressure for so long it just becomes normal. And sometimes when you start crying, you… Continue reading Pressure

Before the Anaesthetic, or A Real Fright

By John Betjeman Intolerably sad, profound St. Giles's bells are ringing round, They bring the slanting summer rain To tap the chestnut boughs again Whose shadowy cave of rainy leaves The gusty belfry-song receives. Intolerably sad and true, Victorian red and jewel blue, The mellow bells are ringing round And charge the evening light with… Continue reading Before the Anaesthetic, or A Real Fright

Missing: Best Friend

A missing pet sign. One of the saddest signs in the world. The sign is usually minimal, like any good advertisement, to draw attention and drive a message home. It's easy to see how much is contained behind the simple black font on white paper, a badly photocopied picture of the lost animal, the last… Continue reading Missing: Best Friend