Get up and go

Timelapse movie by Stefan Werc. I get the distinct desire to go to this 'Tokyo' place, then once there, I predict my brain will collapse under the weight of 'Things I Might Do This Evening' overload. Nice film though. 'Specially like the part with the airplanes. I recommend you play this in high-definition.

The Gift

Short sci-fi film by Carl Erik Rinsch with music by Amon Tobin. In the style of District 9, I'm glad to see we're beginning to explore what we can really do with CGI, and this is a superb example.

Distorted Beauty

This is a facinating and insightful video about the distorted view of beauty today. A previous post of mine touched on this, but I think the point is expressed far more eloquently here. I know it's a commercial, technically, but it's still interesting.