That moment when I explore the origins of a pretty word and find it has a strong connection another of my favorite words of all time. So, Immolate (v.) "to sacrifice" with the alternate meaning "to sprinkle with sacrificial meal". From in- "into, in, on, upon" + mola "sacrificial meal" which originates from one of my all-time word-loves mele- to… Continue reading Immolate

Explorations in Breath, Pt. 2

I have been practicing the breathing exercises, primarily breathing into the three separate lung compartments - lower lungs or stomach, sternum, and below the clavicle. On the bus and train I've been pushing air slowly into my lower chest in order to strengthen the muscles there, as well as expanding the sternum. The tricky part… Continue reading Explorations in Breath, Pt. 2

Explorations in Breath, Pt. 1

This isn't a regular blog post - it's been a while since I've even published on here in any form - it's more of a journal for progress. I've been interested for a while in expanding the capacity of my human frame by tapping into our evolutionary legacy. Nothing caught my imagination more lately than… Continue reading Explorations in Breath, Pt. 1


There's a room in my head and I'm trapped inside it. It's dark, and there is a hurricane inside with me. I stand in the center. I'm caught in the middle of a whirling flurry of millions of tiny bits of paper. Each one of these fragments has words written on it. Answers. Some piece… Continue reading Panic


So it’s Chicago, you're biologically male, and you’re wearing multiple layers, including pants, thermal underlayers and regular underwear, and you also have to pee, so you get to the bowl, and rather than fully disrobe, you decide, against the wisdom of the ages, to hoist down the various layers to provide full run for the… Continue reading Layers