The Lack of Planes

It’s a beautiful day despite the wind robbing me of any heat, so I’m still wearing a hat. The sun is nice though. It’s day #(idontremember) of the Shelter In Place order mandated by city officials, but I am still determined to enjoy the fresh air as much as possible. I spend a lot of… Continue reading The Lack of Planes

Perspective vs Emotion

This is fundamental and has been said by many other far more erudite writers and philosophers, but worth repeating all the same. It's good to reassess basics once in a while. I've always felt that when we have emotions, especially strong ones, it narrows focus to a single point and totally occupies our senses, like… Continue reading Perspective vs Emotion

Transitional Species

"Homo Sapiens has always strived to replace itself. A transitional species, really." -The Tomorrow Girl by Aaron Diaz The desire for legacy is a fundamental principle of the human experience, and often overrides personal survival instincts, such as when rescuing family members at the loss of ones own existence. Children are, even in our advanced brains,… Continue reading Transitional Species

Explorations in Breath, Pt. 3

I took a break from the single-breath timing exercises for a while after hitting a new personal record of 3 minutes 41 seconds, lying down, and with no movement. I picked it up again after a couple of weeks and the change was dramatic. First time I barely went more than two minutes. Only after… Continue reading Explorations in Breath, Pt. 3


That moment when I explore the origins of a pretty word and find it has a strong connection another of my favorite words of all time. So, Immolate (v.) "to sacrifice" with the alternate meaning "to sprinkle with sacrificial meal". From in- "into, in, on, upon" + mola "sacrificial meal" which originates from one of my all-time word-loves mele- to… Continue reading Immolate