A thought: It’s common knowledge that a muscular pair of buttocks on a man are enjoyed by many a person  (Pair of buttocks? Can you have one buttock? One firm, one not? Would that be okay? I suppose it’s always a pair of pants, and you can’t just have one pant. And only having one … More Buttocks

Social armour

When I’m watching people, I like to remind myself once in a while of what they might look like underneath. How noble, imagining people naked, you say. It’s not quite like that. Every so often I’ll catch sight of un-tattooed, un-augmented, un-tanned, un-clothed skin, maybe a few strands of hair on an arm, or a … More Social armour


A thought: A person does not question walls if they are taught to believe that those walls are the ultimate extent of their environment. How can you wake up if you don’t know you’re asleep?

My Name Is Daniel

My name is Daniel.I am a statistic. A demographic. I eat what I am told to eat, because I am told it is good for me. I purchase what I am told to purchase because I am told it will make me feel better. When I pick up my game controller I willingly lose myself … More My Name Is Daniel