Force of Will

One cannot simply become disciplined, or calm, or happy. All of these things, if as true states of mind, are not forced, but encouraged, and reflected upon at a later time. Such forms of mind are brought about by precise and tiny augmentations of our own natures and character, through habit and training. One does… Continue reading Force of Will

Ripples I

The wounding of the snow as car tires slice through it. The shower curtain moving with the breeze, breathing like a lung. Columns of snow caught in the lamplight. Payday, and the masses sweeping out and about, pockets thick with cash. Lips and cheeks and face and breasts smeared by the salivated residue of another.

Event Horizon – or the point of no return

The human mind is inherently flexible. With every generation comes a new stage in our develoment, a new system of rules that can be applied over the next, evolving the human condition to a point of greater understanding. It could be said that the same old entrenched rules apply, but with the new generations of… Continue reading Event Horizon – or the point of no return


When there are billions and billions of people in this world, it’s just impossible to feel special and unique. It matters to feel unique because each person is innately locked into ego-centrism, that is, seeing the world only as if the observer where at the very center of it. How can we look at it… Continue reading Special