13.8 From the Black Book

“13.8 Mankind is a paradox, because we are equipped with emotions and understand logic.”

I think that is what places us apart from other species, is that we are not totally at peace being completely emotional, or completely logical, and yet, both cannot exist at the same time. As I said in this post, two and two equal four on a logical basis, but emotions would expect us to believe otherwise. In fact, if the Architect is correct (I’d love to know who inspired that whole dialogue, as it is superb) then emotions are specifically designed to override logic. I’d prefer to side with logic, as emotions seem to lead to some really bad ideas and actions.

But maybe they work in tandem, complimenting each other. One keeps you tied to reality and the other allows you to soar and dream.

1 thought on “13.8 From the Black Book”

  1. I would have to say that logic and emotion must work together; they must, else we go crazy. At first glance, emotions tend to be primitive and often simplistic, yet the complexities of the emotion, I believe, is what drives us to intellectual reason.
    I would have to say that passion, being an emotion, is the most dangerous and beautiful emotion there can be. We have the greatest works of art in all the world because of passion, the amazing part of it is the beauty of the object, the horror, is the slavery it took to do the things accomplished: pyramids, Parthenon, cathedrals, the coliseum, ect. On a lighter note, paintings, symphonies, and works of sculpture didn’t need slaves to create, giving passion some gratifying and untainted examples.
    But logic can supersede emotions; can give us a “rational filter” of sorts. With training it can override the complex and unknown feelings that come to us…most of the time.
    I agree with your comment, “13.8 Mankind is a paradox, because we are equipped with emotions and understand logic.”
    It doesn’t seem like we should understand these things we come across, that if there were no purpose to the creation of anything and everything in the world, we shouldn’t be aware that we’re aware; we shouldn’t know that we think.
    This makes me think of the common belief that people have of atheists, that they think of man as god, but if one attributes what god does, and that is create, give life, and set laws for order, and then look at what we do, we’ve been god for longer than we’ve known. I can think of only one reason that we can profit from knowing that we exist, its two fold actually; that of keeping life and its beauty going, so that it may be enjoyed even if this means building the technology needed to one day get off the plant when it comes to that. And the second would be to be able to appreciate all that is seen and done. We have intelligence and/or the potential needed, most don’t exercise it the way they should; our primary concern with the world should be to save it, and to teach, forcibly if necessary. The smarter people are, the more they can appeal to reason and by reason can man think, appreciate, know, and work with other men.
    Ill step off my pedestal, for now…I like your blog, this is Brian, online I sign my name, usually, and Logan.



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