I want to vote…

… but they won’t let me. I actually do want to cast my ballot. I know the whole thing is full of holes (e.g. the huge contributions that Diebold made to the Republicans) but I still want to, just to get rid of the open checkbook that is Congress and at least try to roll back the police-state laws that Bush has instated. We can only hope.

Nope, haven’t been in the country long enough to do my bit. I really wish I could, for the first time in my life. I don’t care if the Cookie Monster gets in, just as long as we get rid of the Republicans. It’s the same ABB crowd(Anyone But Bush) from last time, and the democrats didn’t even have to be that organized this time round, because the Republicans kinda did this to themselves. It’s the same reason that comedy about Bush is almost redundant. Hang around for five minutes and chances are he’ll do something that far more laugh/wince/frustration-worthy than you could ever think of.

In other news:

“Hi, my name is Pastor(ed) Ted Haggard. You might remember me from such movies as ‘Jesus Camp‘ and ‘The Root of all Evil’. I really don’t like gay people. I don’t like atheists. Liberals suck too. In fact, if I had it my way, there would be a lot of people not tolerated in our good god-fearing country, and would probably be stoned to death as the Good Book tells it. God rules. Either that or the Messiah Pat Robertson.

Funny thing is, I have actually been having sex for the past three years with… wait for it… no, not my wife… a male prostitute! Yes! No wait, it was a massage. And blowjob. Same difference.

Turns out I was actually a hypocrite. An ugly, filthy hypocrite.

You know the kind, the one that can’t keep their thirteenth-century beliefs to themselves, but actually goes out and actively destroys other people’s lives in the name of their distorted opinions.

But wait, it gets better.

I bought crystal meth from the same guy! Can you believe that? But I didn’t take it… or did I? My memory gets hazy sometimes. Probably something to do with the meth. But it’s not my fault. Temptation comes in many forms. McDonalds, meth, working on Sundays, male hookers. The work of Satan.

Damn that tricksy Satan. But hate the sin, not the sinner. You see, in being religious, I have long since given up having responsibility for myself. That’s the beauty of it. When I screw up (or down, depending on the position) I’m not guilty! It was the devil all along of course.

Never fear. My loyal sheep, er, I mean my congregation, don’t even think I’m guilty. But they also believe the earth was made in seven days (yes, I mean seven literal days) about six thousand years ago. They’ll believe anything. And they’ll shoot people for it too. Boy I’m so proud of them. I trained them all so well.

Stay in school kids.
Don’t do drugs.”

The face of religious hypocrisy:

8 thoughts on “I want to vote…”

  1. strange that this country welcomes people with semi-open arms from other countries, but when they want to share in the decision about the leader of this country they’re forced to wait. well, it’s not strange, it’s stupid.


  2. I read what you say. I understand all of what you say. I accept almost all of what you say. I agree with almost all of what you say.

    However, it is the way you criticise these things that I cannot accept. You do not use a contructive tone, you use a tone that matches the tone of those who will not see reason.

    For me, the approach you take is unintelligent.


  3. How is it unintelligent?

    Its not like its ignorant. everything that he said was true. I agree it was presented in a way that was just like how the evangelicals criticize everyone but themselves.

    it was ment to mimic them.

    I think its funny, and fitting.

    Its interesting how no matter how many times these asshole christian leaders screw up, another one pops up to take his place, and no one seems to see that if god existed, and he was “blessing” these people like they said he was, this kind of thing wouldnt happen.


  4. Again I do not disagree with what you are saying.

    But listen to how you are saying it… “asshole christian leaders” If those of you (like me) who disagree with these things use langauge of this nature then they (we, me) will never be taken seriously. We will never win the argument on the basis of an intelligent appraisal of the facts, without the need for personal or group insult to other peoples sensibilities.

    What is at stake here is far too important.

    And whether or not this argueement will ever be won, by rational means or otherwise (and by ‘win’, I mean ended, finished, never to return, not simply supressed or forgotten about for the time being through ignorance, fear or otherwise), I do not wish to demean myself.

    I will never I hope use such langauge to argue my case. Always and everywhere I will respect my adversary, no matter how misguided, deluded, crazy, cruel or downright evil I may think them to be!


  5. But regardless of how respectful you want to be… he is an asshole. His actions prove that. What else can you call him?

    The only way to ‘win’ this argument (and we probably won’t, not this millenia anyway) is to openly and agressively (non-violently, so don’t throw that one at me) attack thier beliefs on the basis of logic and reason, not by being nice. Being nice will not move anyone. Using satire and humor has shifted peoples points of view numerous times. That’s why we have political cartoons. It’s a very powerful tool to get people to think about the reasoning behind thier ideas, and maybe they’ll shift them, or change them.

    Who knows. I don’t really care if they shift or change them to be honest. I’d be happy if they just shut the f&%# up and quit spouting their formulaic and indoctrinated drivel on how I should be living my life.


  6. Sorry, i forgot to put my sig, this is logan, and the last post with no sig was mine.

    I can see what your saying ray, but were not arguing with the other side here, were talking amongst ourselves.

    I would never take that method to an actual debate. And in so far as thats concerned, i do respect them when they give their opinion, to a point.

    Respect, meaning i wont call thier ideas stupid to their faces. But i think we can emperically prove that certain ideas are harmful, certain ones are wrong for a country and certain ideas should be kept for the home.

    In terms of that aspect of it, yes some ideas are not right for the people en mass.

    But being objective or not, being respectful or not, we have to look at our enemy. They are irrational. I respect that about as much as i respect a rabbid dog. The dog is a danger to others, whether its stupid or not isnt the issue, its whether we let its actions, which arent intelligent in the slightest, be allowed to happen.

    Haggard in an asshole, in every sense of the word. And I might not use that in a point of debate with him, but i would sure tell him that afterwards.



  7. my comment was meant to be humourous. i do also see how it comes across as unintelligent. i am unfortunately unable to express my thoughts as well as i wish on my feelings/thoughts on haggard and those like him. as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, only i can’t figure out which of those words to use.


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